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Event Schedule

Join us!

Sports activities, wellness and culture:

Yoga - 7am to 8am (Monday to Sunday)

Altinha - 8am to 9am (Monday to Sunday) and 3pm to 4pm (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Boxing Training - 9am to 10am (Monday to Sunday)

Power Dance - 4 pm to 5 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Massage (Shiatsu and Massage Therapy) - 7am to 5pm (Monday to Sunday)

Beach Kits - 7am to 5pm (Monday to Sunday)

Exhibition Sun Chords - 7am to 5pm (Monday to Sunday)


Musical Shows (5 pm to 7 pm):

Day 03/03 - Rock Around The Block

Day 03/04 - Luiza Reis

Day 03/05 - Sonora Samba Jazz

Day 03/10 - Fred Chico

Day 03/11 - Luthuly

Day 03/12 - Tay Cristelo

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